Women empowered through Kitchen Medicine

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TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte - Natural ingredients, such as herbs, are becoming more and more common in treating health problems. Aside from making food tasty, herbs also provide health benefits since it can help deal with major and minor health issues.

As housewives are responsible for providing care and nutrition for the family, ATI-RTC 8 sees to it that they learn about the benefits of herbal plants and their uses such as home treatments since they are effective but not as inexpensive like synthetic medicines.

The training on Kitchen Medicine was conducted for Rural Improvement Club members to enhance their knowledge and skills on herbal plants indigenous to their localities. Participants were taught about the identification of herbal plants and their uses. They also learned the proper ways in propagating these plants through actual demonstration and practicum.

Engr. Martina Reyna, owner of the La Granja de Reyna in Tacloban, shared how to process Herbal Juices and Concoctions. “She is the Queen of Hearts”, as Ms. Melecia Fernandez said during her impression. She was thankful to ATI and Engr. Reyna for opening her eyes to dream and use what she learned as a channel for business. “Let’s change the image of women.”, she said. As a leader of an RIC, she said that one should learn how to sacrifice and set an example in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. “We should strive to live a healthy life. We should be cautious in choosing our food.”, she added. Lastly, she promised to re-echo what she learned to her association members since she finds the topics life changing and useful in her municipality.

“The lectures awakened me to go for a healthy living.”, said Ms. Benilda Esclavosa, a participant. She added that there should be compassion in going into organic farming. It takes dedication and hard work. “Now, I can teach my fellow members to earn additional income through herbal production.”

Thirty-one (31) participants from St. Bernard, Southern Leyte attended the training on Kitchen Medicine held on September 4-6, 2018 at La Granja de Reyna in Tacloban, Leyte.

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