OA, The JADAM Way!

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Babatngon, Leyte - For years, the Agricultural Training Institute has been promoting natural ways of farming through Organic Agriculture. Recently, JADAM farming was introduced as a response to the inevitable inflation of production inputs. This technology introduces farmers to an ultra-low cost way of organic farming.

Throughout the training, participants learned about the reality of the local food industry and its current situation. The Takakura method of composting was also introduced as another way to minimize waste and turn them into organic fertilizer. Other techniques, such as the formulation of Rhodopseudomonas solution were also introduced. The Rhodopseudomonas palustris Solution (RPS) was first introduced by Dr. Floro Camenforte, Mr. Leonardo Ruiz, Jr., and Ptr. Boy Alinio, who are farmers from Region 8. This solution was used in Israel and was reformulated by Mr. Ruiz so that the solution can be suitable to the Philippine environmental conditions.

Another topic that stirred up the participants’ interest is the making of Jadam Microbial Solution (JMS) and Jadam Liquid Fertilizer (JLF) using different indigenous materials.

Mr. Gerian Abrillo, a participant, said that the JADAM technology is a good integration to the current farming technologies, practiced in their farms and would complement to the productivity of the farm. He appreciated that this technology would aid to an easier waste and compost management. He also appreciated the all-around benefits of the solution not just for the soil but also its effects on plants and animals. He was delighted seeing the eagerness and how the participants look forward to integrate their learnings on their current farm practices.

Being an advocate of Organic Agriculture, a former OA Focal person for Region 8, and now a retired government servant, Dr. Carlos dela Cruz, found the training very useful especially in the implementation of natural farming systems to the production of organic fertilizers – the basic ingredients in organic farming.

Thirty-one (31) participants attended the training on Organic Agriculture entitled, “Let’s do the Jadam Way: Ultra Low-Cost Organic Farming” held on July 22-24, 2019 at the Balay ni Tatay Farm Resort in Brgy. Villamagsaysay, Babatngon, Leyte.