Agri-enthusiasts learn sweet potato processing

Baybay City, Leyte – Sweet potato is one of the most common root crops in the Philippines. It is packed with nutritious goodness as it is high in fiber and potassium. It can be processed into various products such as wine, jam, candy, and as ingredient in pastries.

Hence, ATI RTC 8 conducted the Training on Sweet Potato Processing to capacitate participants with the knowledge and skills on sweet potato processing and marketing. Most of the participants came from Albuera, Leyte. They learned about the health benefits of sweet potato, its Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure for ensuring food safety since the training is all about processing.

Various activities were integrated into the training so participants can demonstrate skills in processing food products from the root crop. They also identified packaging, labelling, and marketing strategies for their products.

Dr. Roberta Lauzon demonstrated skills in processing sweet potatoes they made the root crop into marmalade, SP beverage, SP catsup and SP chips. During processing the participants were provided with apron, hair net and face mask in pursuant to good manufacturing practices.

Participants were given an idea that sweet potato processing can be an opportunity for business. The participants learned the format of packaging in order to attract buyers. Mr. Jose Pallones discussed marketing strategies on sweet potato products.

Vicenta Piano felt grateful to the training management team for inviting them to attend the training. She felt that the training could be of help to their families and association. After being trained, they are now catalysts for change in their community.

Mariolito Celedio felt that they returned to their childhood while doing the activities in the training. He hoped they will truly apply what they have learned.

Twenty-five (25) participants attended the Training on Sweet Potato Processing conducted on July 24-26, 2019 at the Hall A, ATI RTC 8, VSU, Baybay City, Leyte.