Free Range Chicken for Women in Tunga

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Tunga, Leyte - The Agricultural Training Institute – Regional Training Center 8 launched a Farmers Livestock School for women in the municipality of Tunga in Leyte. The activity aims to capacitate rural women specifically on the best practices on Free-Range Chicken production.

The activity also increased the awareness of the participants on the health benefits of producing organic commodities compared to their conventional counterparts and their growing demand in the market. Through different workshops and hands-on activities brought about by the FLS, these women will be equipped with the knowledge and skills on the basic practices in raising chicken from the selection of breed, forage formulation, and even farm management.

The aforementioned activity entitled, Agri-Women: Empowering Women through Farmers Livestock School on Free Range Chicken Production was launched on June 25, 2019 in Tunga, Leyte. With twenty-five (25) women from the municipality participating in the said activity, it will run from June to December 2019.

Participants will be receiving ten (10) heads of free range chicken and starter kits once they have completed the training course and its requirements.