Growing Vegetables the Organic Way

Organic agriculture is truly gaining ground in Eastern Visayas. Hence, farmers and AEWs alike are encouraged to learn how to start producing crops the organic way.

ATI RTC 8 conducted the Organic Corp Production: The Start Up (Organic Production Technologies) to enable the participants to grow vegetables organically. Through the training, the participants were able to cite the organic agriculture history and its definition; identify the soil and soil fertility management; identify cultural management of producing organic crops; and enumerate the pests and diseases in organic vegetable production.

The training saw the participants engage in various activities such as seed selection and getting to know soil since a healthy soil is the secret to productive farming.

For Mr. Jose L. Castillejos, Jr., he said, “On my part, I am very thankful for having an opportunity to undergo this training. I've conducted organic agriculture production training last year, 4 batches with more than a hundred students funded by TESDA. Even if the topics are familiar, I still feel inadequate. In fact, I consider myself a novice. With our 3-day training, I’ve learned many things. It helped me to become more confident. Now that my farm has accelerated as a School for Practical Agriculture, there's always a challenge if the farm is worthy as an extension provider of ATI. In other words, I need to carry the standard that ATI has. I think that I will give better service starting this Monday during my Batch 1 of NC II on Organic Agriculture Production".

Ms. Sofia Trani of Biliran was thankful to ATI, “I have nothing to say but thank you ATI. It is true that we are in good hands with ATI. Farmers in the early age are marginalized. But nowadays, farmers need to be inspired. That's what ATI did to my farm. They visited my farm and inspired me to become one of their Learning Sites. The lack of confidence is always the challenge for the farmers. Again, ATI helped us to be confident through this kind of training because we become updated and upgraded on the new technologies. I really feel that ATI keeps pushing me and gives importance to farming. I am proud to say that TESDA also accredited our farm as a farm school after becoming an ATI LS. Without ATI my farm would be just an ordinary farm. The learnings I gained here will be useful during my upcoming training for the 25 scholars which will start on April 22, 2019".

The participants also learned about pests and diseases management, of which, Dr. Elsie Salamat encouraged them to use the organic way of control and eradication.

Twenty-two farmers and AEWs participated in the training conducted on April 10-13, 2019 at the ATI RTC 8, VSU, Baybay City, Leyte.