Palayamanan Plus, a Way to Sustainability

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Kananga, Leyte - The Department of Agriculture through PhilRice has been promoting a diversified integrated rice-based farming system directed towards farm diversification that would increase farm productivity and profitability aimed to address food security and the economic stability of farm families.

In support, the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 8 (ATI-RTC 8) conducted a training on Palayamanan Plus aimed to promote integrated diversified rice-based farming system.

Through lectures, participants learned about the different Integrated Rice-Based Farming Systems (IRBFS) and understood the concepts, principles, and components of the Palayaman Plus. Participants also learned and observed the Rice-Duck-Kuhol system together with rice-fish culture, vermicomposting, crop and animal integration. They also underwent hands-on workshops involving organic farm practices such as SRI farming and the preparation of bio-organic inputs.

For Ms. Bebilyn de Paz, an LFT from Culaba, Biliran, she said, “This training let me learn that aside from rice as the main crop, we have to plant other commodities such as vegetables and fruits, and raise livestock as well to sustain our food.” She shared during her impression that she was thankful for the knowledge imparted to them enough to share with other farmers in their community. “In SRI, I learned that we can plant rice during drought which is a very big help to the farmers.” she added.
Ariel Jabinal shares how interested he was especially in drafting his farm plan. “I saw my vision for my farm. Once I retire from my current work, I know what I will do with the farm.” He was grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to participate in the training.

Thirty-one (31) participants attended the training on Integrated Rice-based Farming System: Palayaman Plus held on March 18-22, 2019 at Juanito Eco-Farm and School for Practical Agriculture (JEFSPA) in Brgy. Montenello, Kananga, Leyte.