Biliranons do FLS on Goat

Kawayan, Biliran – There is always something new to learn. This is a realization of Mr. Ram Chan Miculob saying, “I didn’t know that we can produce milk from goat, now I can say that goat as a business has a potential.”

Along with other participants from Kawayan, Biliran, Mr. Miculob learned about the status of the Philippine goat industry through the Farmer Livestock School on Meat and Dairy Production with emphasis on goat production. Participants were able to differentiate the types of goat production systems and management, discuss feeds and forage establishment, and identify common goat pests and diseases and their appropriate treatment. To make livestock production truly sustainable and profitable for farmers, the training also discussed farm business planning.

Mr. Brian Gargoles, a participant, exclaimed, “Before I attended this training, I thought that raising a goat is just a hobby or for occasional food only. But suddenly I realized that goat has a contribution to the economy. During our learning journey, I learned a lot of techniques in managing a goat farm. I have also experienced the actual milk collection. It is pretty easy and fun to collect goat’s milk. To my fellow participants, let us apply the appropriate management for our goat farming. Thank you so much to ATI for this fruitful training.

Ms. Nora Rosales was appreciative of the training, “I’m happy with this training because I gained additional knowledge and met new friend (farmers). With this training, we are empowered to managing our goat and improving our backyard system into a systematic way of producing quality goats. Thank to our very patient Resource Persons who shared their knowledge and experience in goat production.”

Twenty-three (23) participants from Kawayan, Biliran finished the FLS which started on Sept. 12- Dec.28, 2018.