Biliran do FLS on Sustainable Pig Farming

Biliran – Pig farming continues to be a lucrative endeavor for Biliran farmers. However, with the challenges posed by various factors in the environment and the market, most swine raisers cannot sustain production. This shows that there is always a need to capacitate them with the essential knowledge and skills in sustainable pig farming management.

Through the Farmer Livestock School on Sustainable Pig Farming, farmers were taught the economic advantages and benefits of raising swine. They also learned about preparing natural feeds and bio-concoction. More than the production aspect, participants also learned about marketing strategies and how to minimize the effects of climate change to pig farming.

Ms. Raquel Barras, a participant, said, “I just want to say thank you to the ATI for having this kind of training; and to the agriculture office here in Cabucgayan for choosing Langgao as recipient of this training. This training was really a great help for us as a livelihood program here in our barangay. Through this training we are able to learn what are the correct practices in swine production/ pig farming and management including the marketing. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. We promise that we will apply our learning from this training.”

Jhon Carlo Matuguinas, was appreciative of his attendance to the training. He enthused, “Thank you very much for implementing this program in our Barangay here in Kawayan. I learned a lot in this training. It is good to know that there is a technology that we can minimize our production cost. Reducing the water consumption by using beddings and at the same time minimizing the odor can create a good impact to our farming. We have also learned how to produce a low cost feed mix which is very big help to us given that the prevailing prize of commercial feeds is very high.

A total of 51 participants from Kawayan (25) and Cabucgayan (26), Biliran attended the FLS on Sustainable Pig Farming. The two FLS were conducted on November 19-December 14, 2018 (Cabucgayan) and October 3 – December 5, 2018 (Kawayan), respectively.