Recent News

Value-adding for Rice

E. Visayas - There are many opportunities for Rural-Based Organizations (RBOs) to earn more income for their families’ needs. One is through food processing as value addition for their farm produce. Hence, the Agricultural Training Institute conducted the Training on Rice-based Food Processing to teach RBO members that there is more to rice than just grains being sold in the market.

OA in Containers

BILIRAN, Biliran - “This training on container gardening was a great training, helpful to us farmers, who have minimal space for planting.” said Henry Demante, a participant during the Training on OA for Organizations.

Root Crops for Feeds

Baybay City, Leyte – Raising livestock is one of the common businesses one can engage in. However, feeds and its ever increasing prices are often the downfall of these supposedly promising agri-business.

Saving Slopes through SCoPSA

VILLAREAL, Samar - One problem corn farmers face is the utilization and management of sloping areas. However, sloping areas do not need to be unproductive since there are technologies that can help prevent erosion and the loss of biodiversity; one of which is the SCoPSA, Sustainable Corn Production for Sloping Areas.