About the Center Director

To always raise the bar of excellence is the driving force behind RTC 8 Center Director Vilma Monencillo Patindol’s career.

From her humble beginnings in the island of Zaragoza, Surigao, she went on to finish her BS in Agricultural Education, major in Animal Husbandry from the Visayas State College of Agriculture (ViSCA), now Visayas State University. She took her graduate studies at the University of the Philippines Los Baños with her MS in Community Development, minor in Development Communication in 1984. She would then go on to finish her Doctorate in Education, major in Educational Management at the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) in 1995.

She was actively teaching in ViSCA as Instructor III when the call to serve the agricultural sector through extension work came. In 1990, she officially joined the Agricultural Training Institute National Training Center in Region 8 as Training Specialist II. She became a Media Production Specialist III in 2005. She was assigned at the ATI Central Office in Quezon City, Manila from 2009 to June of 2014. While there, she was the Head of the Corporate Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section and eventually became the Officer-in-Charge of Policy and Planning Division. She came back to ATI-RTC 8 in July 2014 and has served as the Center Director since then.

Her adherence to the core values of the Center saw her untiring service and commitment while conducting trainings, developing innovative programs, and spearheading studies of extension service programs. Despite the hectic work week she spends at the Center, she has always found the time to serve the community through her active socio-civic involvements.

With the improvements and accolades that she has helped earn for ATI-RTC 8, one can truly say that Dr. Patindol is not one to back out on a challenge. She sees challenges as a chance to improve one’s self and help others perhaps so that with every challenge she is able to surpass, she raises the bar high enough for the next hurdle. Her drive for excellence makes the impossible seem possible. This sets the tone for her colleagues in the Center, as they too, do their best in serving the Center’s stakeholders.

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