Melinda P. Petalcorin

Agri-enthusiasts go SMART

Ormoc City, Leyte – Agripreneurs become unsuccessful in their business ventures not because of poor product quality. Often times, the problem lies in the marketing of their products. Many engage in business ventures but few really equip themselves with the necessary business skills.

Basey farmers learn financial literacy

Basey, Samar – Busy as they are with farm work, Basey farmers took time to learn about financial literacy.
ATI RTC 8 conducted 2 batches of the Training on Financial Literacy to enhance participants knowledge and skills in financial literacy particularly on its importance in achieving a successful agri-enterprise. The training also emphasized the importance of certain Filipino values.

Equipping the BAHWS of E. Samar

Borongan City, E. Samar – In far-flung barangays in the country, people rely on the services of the barangay animal health worker (BAHW) when it comes to problems on their livestock. Without veterinarians in their areas, the BAHW is able to give immediate care for livestock health problems.

Fueling OA Productivity thru the Soil

Baybay City, Leyte – Feed the soil all the organic nutrients it needs. In return, it will feed your crops to become the healthiest produce we can feed our families. The organic agriculture concept of nourishing the soil is something most people should realize. Oftentimes, the belief is that the nutrients should be feed directly to the plants. However, this is not so.


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