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OA, The JADAM Way!

Babatngon, Leyte - For years, the Agricultural Training Institute has been promoting natural ways of farming through Organic Agriculture. Recently, JADAM farming was introduced as a response to the inevitable inflation of production inputs. This technology introduces farmers to an ultra-low cost way of organic farming.

Quail production nests in Burauen

Burauen, Leyte - Quails may be known as “game” or “hunting” birds but they too can be raised in a way that would enhance farm productivity or even add employment to people venturing in its production. With the increase in demand for quail eggs, quail production might be a lucrative business opportunity for farm families.

2018 Annual Report

ATI RTC 8 envisions a more vibrant and productive Eastern Visayas agricultural landscape. However, it is impossible without the help of its committed and passionate partners.

The Center is grateful to all its partners who have come together to help in the delivery of various agricultural extension programs and activities.

ATI RTC 8 prepares 4-Hers for 1-month Farm Exposure

Alang-alang, Leyte - The Adopt a Farm Youth Program is being implemented across the different ATI networks with the active partnership of Schools for Practical Agriculture (SPA) and Learning Sites for Agriculture in their respective region. With this program, 4-H youth will have a first-hand experience in agriculture living and learning with farmers in their farms.

16 ATI 4-H Scholars graduate Agriculture in VSU

Baybay City, Leyte - The Continuing Education for the Youth Scholarship Program of the ATI-RTC 8 has helped support 4-H youth from Region 8 and Bicol for their studies in the field of Agriculture. As one ATI scholar said, this was her opportunity to finish her studies since her parents couldn’t afford to bring her to school because they find it difficult to make ends meet for the family.

RCM comes with an Upgrade

Baybay City, Leyte - Agriculture has benefited a lot from the advancement of technology. Through research and other technological innovations, yields have improved and farming experience and practices have become easier. One innovation is the Rice Crop Manager (RCM).


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