ATI-7 Awards 3 Learning Site Certificates

TAGBILARAN CITY - The Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 7 at Cabawan Dist., this city awarded Certificates to three (3) Cebu – based Organic Farms as an Accredited Learning Sites (LS) of the agency during the 15th National Organic Agriculture Congress held at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City on Nov. 13 – 15 2018.

The 3 LS awardees were the Charis Health & Wellness Garden, Basak, Lapu - Lapu City; Armson Polytechnic Institute, Bagacay, Barili, and the First Consolidated Cooperative Along Tanon Seaboard (FCCT) Integrated Demo Farm of Tuburan town.

ATI - 7 will provide the awardees technical and financial assistance based on the approved development plan and capability building interventions for the continuing enhancement of the LS farmer and at the same time will be assisted in acquiring competency certificates from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

The LS is a farm practicing applicable agricultural technologies, employing double farming strategies and operating successfully thus, worthy of emulation. The farm is relatively advanced compared to the majority of the farmers. The LS served as a model or an example to showcase applicable agri-technology, thereby help improve farming capabilities among small farmers.

Meanwhile, the 15th National organic Agriculture Congress served as a platform for discussion and the resolution of emerging issues of national importance for the progress of the industry, as well as matters and accomplishments of the present development in Organic Agriculture.