The e-package that Paul Molit calls it

The motivation of pursuing advance studies is the key that unlocks his way towards e-learning journey.

Through the power of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and the persistence to look for scholarship opportunity led his way to the e-extension portal.

Paulino Rule Molit, an agricultural extension worker of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Province of Cebu is just like a typical guy who uses and/or maximizes ICT in searching websites for possible opportunities. Mr. Molit was once connected at the Local Government Unit of Catmon, Province of Cebu as Agricultural Technologist for nearly 7 years from October 16, 2008 to July 13, 2015 where he had his first encounter with e-learning.

unlocking e-learning

From the numerous websites that he had visited; the electronic extension of the Department of Agriculture through its lead agency, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) captivated his curiosity.

Though the e-extension program site did not technically provided his first-hand motive, yet, he was glued on it, and that’s way back 2010, barely three (3) years in its operation from launching in December 2007 whereby ATI was mandated through Department Order No. 03, Series of 2007 as the lead agency for the provision of e-extension services in collaboration with the various agencies, bureaus and organizational units of DA. This is to integrate and harmonize ICT-based extension delivery system for agriculture and forestry.

The first e-course that Mr. Molit enrolled was the Organic Agriculture for Sustainable Agriculture in time for the approval of Republic Act 10068 otherwise known as the Organic Act of 2010.

His work include field-monitoring; provide technical assistance to farmers; conducts training and extension and so with other functions/tasks as directed by the Municipal Agriculture Officer and its Local Chief Executive of their town.

e-learning impetus: from 1 to 15 and counting

Mr. Molit identified three (3) reasons why e-learning had provided great impetus to him as an extension worker. First, he wanted to level-up his educational background though he already had 30 units in Master in Public Administration; second, he needed to equip himself technically in all capacities including crops; livestock and poultry; fisheries; sustainable agriculture and social technology; and finally, the certificates wherein all online courses offered had.

He is indeed a manifestation of a learner that strives to add a feather in his cap and accolade to his wall because from Organic Agriculture for Sustainable Agriculture course; he was able to finish another 15 online courses from January 2011 to August of 2014 namely: Yummy Yam: Ubi Production; Walang Aray sa AI; Artificial Insemination in Pigs; Changing People’s Lives through Effective Extension Delivery; From Seed to Seed; Corn Production; Go Mango Hit the Jackpot; Citrus Production; Straw Mushroom Growing: A viable Agri-Enterprise; Alternative Pest Management; Jackfruit Production; Grant to Proposal Writing; Community Organizing; Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids; Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouse; Basic Agricultural Marketing and Extension and Training Management.

his so-called gains

When Mr. Molit was asked how the e-courses have helped him as an employee, as an agricultural extension worker and as a person as he is. He passionately answered as quoted: “As an employee, these e-courses have helped me a lot, because these really brought and gave me confidence in my daily activities and in my working environment. Considering that there are e-courses that enhanced my capacities both in office, technology support/assistance and in extension works, respectively.

One concrete example is the e-course on proposal writing, wherein it helped me a lot and served as one of my reference when I was crafting / consolidating a project proposal worth 3.9 Million, and from that learning, it was luckily approved and the funds are already downloaded to the Local Government Unit of Catmon, respectively. Another, e-course is on Extension Delivery System wherein it facilitated me in dealing with people in the field having their respective differences. However, it is then making me confident to face those stakeholders who talked/asked me with some agriculture related technology.
Being a neophyte in the field of agriculture, the said e-courses that I took really contributed in molding me as a reliable and effective agriculturist; further, it equipped me with knowledge which are very vital as an agriculture extension worker and a government employee as a whole.”

He further emphasized that he will continue to enroll and finish all the online courses offered by ATI because he learned a lot besides the knowledge and the certificates he got, provided a huge merit on his transfer from LGU-Catmon to OPA-Cebu; thus, he truly believe that it’s the best supplement in enhancing his technical expertise and know-how in the field of agriculture.

boundless words for ATI

Mr. Molit gestured with two (2) thumbs up and praising ATI for a job well done. He said: “ATI really find the best if not the very best alternative in providing the extension workers with competent knowledge in a very minimal to no cost acquiring and or learning process. Very minimal cost in a sense considering that only internet charge will apply to those e-learners who do not have access to free internet connection.”

However, the e-learning site is also a big door of opportunity to farmers, fishers, livestock raisers and other stakeholders who are able and willing to learn.

Moreover, e-learning courses designed and offered online is a noble project of ATI in which it provided knowledge on agricultural production technology to the extension workers and farming sectors in an easy, cost and hassle free and most of all not time-bound learning process. And indeed this will truly support the agricultural development in our country.

Therefore, Mr. Molit look forward that ATI will offer more reliable and research based online e-courses for e-learners be it an extension workers, farming sectors and other stakeholders whose concerns are in agricultural productivity, in order to learn more technologies for agriculture-livestock and fishery development including that of personal capability enhancement.

and the total e-package

Paulino Molit defines his total e-package by sharing these words that will surely ignite encouragement among his co-learners: “My capabilities as a person or as an employee have apparent difference before and after I took the e-courses.

Before, I felt confused being an employee rendering extension works because I have a limited background/knowledge on some research based technology. Specifically, when there were clients who consulted for some specific technologies. However after taking the said e-courses, it really augmented my confidence as an extension worker because I can assist their needs whenever there are questions relating to technologies, and from the e-courses that I have studied, respectively.

Furthermore, I have also a good reference that can be used distinctively when I am conducting lecture during trainings or seminars. Sometimes, when I forgot specific details of a certain technology, I have an immediate reliable reference which can be browsed directly, and that’s the e-courses at my account at the e-learning sites.

In all, the e-learning courses of ATI really took part of my personal, social and career development as an agriculturist, extension worker and an employee, thereof.”

Thus, the so-called e-package that he defined.