Aklan State University at 100 years of Excellence that produced Competent Professionals around the globe

Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista receiving her certificate of appreciation as Keynote Speaker during the Students Convention 2018 of Aklan State University.

BANGA, AKLAN – This year’s students’ convention of Aklan State University made it more exciting and memorable as they celebrate the first centennial anniversary of the Aklan State University with the theme: “Honoring the Gains, Unleashing the Potentials”.

Training Center Superintendent II, Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista of Agricultural Training Institute – Regional Training Center VI was invited as keynote speaker during the Students Convention 2018 of Aklan State University-Banga, Aklan. Dr. Bautista was asked to inspire the students of the institution wherein she had been one the students before. She shared her experiences and was able to reminisce the memories of her journey as well as her whole batch during their college days. According to her, the generation of today are privileged enough where in everybody were born in this modern time where anything is accessible inside the microchip set of computers brains.

“I’m sincerely grateful of your generosity of inviting me to participate in today’s historic celebration of 100 years of existence of our Alma Mater, the Aklan State University. In the field of instruction, research and extension, truly, it is worthy to celebrate a fruitful centenary of authenticity, honor and excellence! Happy Centennial Anniversary to all of us!” - Dr. Bautista as she opened her message

ATI-RTC VI has been in existence for over a long period of time and have built a strong partnership with Aklan Agricultural College, now the Aklan State University. She extended her gratitude to the previous leaders/members of both institution that they have reputably instituted a solid foundation that made ATI-RTC VI 30 years in ASU compound extending excellent extension services in Region 6.

She also emphasized the culture of innovation. That by definition, culture of innovation is an environment that supports creative thinking and advances efforts to extract economic and social value from knowledge, and in doing so, generates new and improved products, services and processes. “This term is much related to our theme this year “Honoring the grains, Unleashing the potentials” where, for the past 100 years, Aklan State University and its workforce has showcased innovative skills and potentials to improve its services to the studentry as well as the communities that it serves” -Dr. Bautista shared

As one of the Gains of the institution, Dr. Bautista posed a great challenge to the students, “To imbibe the culture of innovation that the leaders of this institution has inherited from the past and passed to you, to live with it and maintain the integrity of our Alma Mater and apply this heritage to your profession. This is my Pamana, Legacy: Embracing the Culture of Innovation that started 100 years ago”. –Dr. Bautista said

Present in the event were Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo, Vice President for Administration, Dr. Cecile O. Legaspi, Vice president for Academic Affairs, students of the seven strong umbrellas under the University Student Council, faculty and staff of the University.

The first Centennial Anniversary was celebrated on September 10-14, 2018 in all the campuses of the University.