group of women having a meeting

Some of the RIC Members are preparing their activity output during the Capability Enhancement Training.

BANGA, Aklan - "We thank you ATI for conducting this training to us, we appreciated all the efforts you have extended to RIC [Rural Improvement Club]. The management staff and participants were so accommodating. Thank you very much for every opportunity you have given to us, we will treasure this in our hearts. Please continue supporting our RBOs [Rural-Based Organization] especially RIC. Thank you and God bless you," uttered by Merlita Inventado, one of the 26 participants of the Capability Enhancement and Skills Training for RIC Officers and Members that was held last July 29-31, 2019 at ATI Region 6’s Training Hall, ASU Compound, Banga, Aklan.

During the three-day training, the participants were oriented with the programs and activities of RIC and RBOs. They also garnered learnings in leadership skills, which was lectured by Mr. Vianney T. Ojerio, DMO II of ATI Region 6’s CDMS. Furthermore, they also learned the skills on presentation and facilitation, which was discussed by Mr. Bob Johnson Galvan, MPS II of same office. Lastly, they also determined key issues and concerns related to RBO and acquired innovative knowledge and concepts on how to manage RIC/RBOs, which were facilitated by Mr. Arnulfo T. Magcope, Manager of Aklan Cooperative Alliance, Kalibo, Aklan.

Generally, this activity serves as a venue to retool officers and members about RIC as well as gear up their skills and competitiveness in effective and efficient in deliverance of extension services particularly for their organization.