The hurrah before the energetic vibes come in to ATI Region 6 staff that signals the start of the mini sportsfest.

BANGA, Aklan – Blue Team dominates over the Green Team during the mini sports fest in celebration of ATI's 33rd Anniversary on January 29, 2020 at ASU Compound, Banga, Aklan.

The former overpowered the latter in Volleyball Men, Women, and Mixed Team. The two games, Volleyball Men and Volleyball Women, followed the “Best of Three” playoff. The two teams had a close fight in the said games that paved way to reach the third sets. However, the last sets of the games were made for the Blue team to seal.

On the other hand, the Volleyball Mixed Team that consists of men and women in one team utilized the “Best of Five” playoff. This time the Blue Team did not allow the Green Team to score them out hence they finished the game after the second set and reigned as Champion.

The stars were still aligned for the Green Team as they cheered their voices out during the Cheering Competition and snatched the crown.

Before these energetic vibes, loyalty awards for ATI Staff who unselfishly shared their time, efforts, and dedication for more than 15 years were bestowed. Aside from that, Digital Farmers Program winners were also recognized.

This activity is part of a simultaneous celebration of ATI Anniversary all over the country.