ATI dwells in the Ati community in New Boracay

Ati kids smiling while holding their lettuce harvest.

HOPE is Helping One Person Everyday

If you see one person survive each day especially in the Ati community, hope is regained and that life is not wasted after the Boracay closure. It was an opportunity that opened the gates to a more productive and challenging role in the community of the Aetas. The existence of the first dwellers of the island was given justice to exercise their rights and privileges to government support and services. Hope is the only thing that should not be lost in them, for when they loose it, all government efforts will turn to nothing. 

ENHANCED CLIMATE SMART FARMERS’ FIELD SCHOOL (ECSFFS): Fighting the Good Fight Towards Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Agriculture

How Climate Change Affects Agriculture in the Country
Climate change poses as a threat to food security. Crops, livestock, forestry, and fisheries, all of which are affected by the volatile spikes in temperature and the increasing frequency of climate-related hazards.

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