Be Informed, Be Energized: Rice AEWs at its Best

Team Building

Participants during team building activities.

Aiming to sensitize Gender and Development among the AEWs in the implementation of the program in their respective localities and be refreshed and more productive thru a team building activity, the ATI MiMaRoPa conducted the 5-day activity themed “Be Informed, Be Energized: Sensitizing AEWs in Gender and Development on October 22 – 26, 2018 at Lush Green Camp Site and Resort, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro.

This training became an avenue to participants to learn something new such as Gender and Development, Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act, Good Agricultural Practices Process, Biotechnology (MykoVam), Bio-N Technology and Judicious Use of Pesticides.
During the discussion on GAD and VAWC, most participants expressed their interests on the subject matter. Most of them said that it was their first time to attend such training involving women's rights and equality. They said that they appreciated the lectures and how the topics were explained.

Aside from GAD, Mr. Raymund Jayme of DA-Regional Field Office MiMaRoPa discussed the Philippine PhilGAP Certification and he gave emphasis on the importance of GAP in ASEAN integration. Moreover, Dr. Nelly Aggangan from Bioetchnology-UPLB introduced for the very first time the bio-fertilizer called MykoVam in MiMaRoPa. She explained its effects to plants as well as how to use it as bio-fertilizer. Also, Ms. Julieta Anarna discussed the Bio-N and its benefits to corn and rice plants. Participants showed their interests on the said biotechnology since it promises good yield at low cost. After their discussions, all participants were given sample of MykoVam and Bio-N for trial on their respective farms.

Aside from these, former Assistant Secretary of DA Edelberto M. de Luna and now Executive Director of Crop Live discussed the Judicious use of Pesticides and he stretched out the importance of precautionary measures in using chemical pesticides. Participants were also given promotional shirts and manual for judicious use of fertilizers.

The training also served as collaborative survey with their respective province's training needs on rice and other commodities/extension activities. Participants of every province were grouped respectively to assess the existing problems and collate ideas for possible extension intervention to solve such problems. This workshop produced a Provincial Training Needs Assessment for FY 2020-2025 on rice program.

After days of lectures, discussion and workshop, rice and corn coordinators as well as farmers from MiMaRoPa region took a break and enjoyed their team building activities. Some said that this was one of the most refreshing as well well-spent trainings they have attended.
The team building activities were in collaboration with participants of Regional Corn Consultation.