Seminar on Tablea and Chocolate Making: A ChocoDate

Mr. Marvin and Irma Vicedo of Ben & Lyn Chocolate Inc. demonstrate how to make chocolate bars during ATI CALABARZON's (free) seminar on Tablea and Chocolate Making on February 11, 2020.

TRECE MARTIRES CITY, Cavite - With the Valentine’s Day just around the corner, ATI CALABARZON conducted the Seminar on Tablea and Chocolate Making at ATI Training Hall on February 11, 2020.

Marvin Vicedo, co-owner of Ben & Lyn Chocolate, Inc., talked about the process of chocolate and tablea making. He emphasized the importance of recording the process from the bean source up to the product taste for easier monitoring.

In sourcing cacao beans, farm visit is a must. There should also be sample testing such as visual and flavor quality and moisture content percentage of defects. Vicedo added that beans should be sorted based on its size and that beans with defects must be removed.

Another important process is the roasting of beans. According to Vicedo, roasting is where the chocolate’s flavor is being developed. It also kills microorganisms and removes too much acidity. Upon roasting, cracking and winnowing, grinding/pre-grinding, refining, conching, and tempering and molding should take place in chocolate and tablea making.

Additionally, cacao can be processed into many products aside from chocolate and tablea. Cacao can also be made into wine, oil, paper, bricks, and even lamps said Vicedo.

After the talk and open forum, Marvin and his wife and co-owner, Irmalyn Vicedo demonstrated how to make chocolate bars.