About the Center Director

Veronica Concepcion Esguerra

Passion for the rural community is the compass that guides RTC 3 Center Director Veronica Concepcion Esguerra’s work ethic.

Hailing from Los Baños, Laguna, Ms. Veronica Concepcion V. Esguerra, or “Vera” as her colleagues call her, has been in the government service for three and a half decades. She started her career as a Research Assistant at the Bureau of Plant Industry in Los Baños, Laguna. She later became a Training Manager with the then Philippine Training Center for Rural Development (PTCRD) which eventually became the Agricultural Training Institute by the virtue of Executive Order 116 of January 1987 that called for the merger of the Bureau of Agricultural Extension (BAEx), the Philippine Agriculture Training Council (PATC) and the PTCRD.

She earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at UP Los Baños and two masters degree in Agriculture and Development Management. With her vast experience on training and extension, her action research for the Public Management Development Program and Masters in Development Management at the Development Academy of the Philippines was awarded the "Most Innovative Re-entry Project" in 2014.

As a committed civil servant, she welcomes challenges in her career. Thus in the middle of 2014, she went out of her comfort zone and left ATI 4A (CaLaBarZon) and ATI Central Office to take the lead at ATI-RTC III.

For one and a half years, under her leadership, ATI-Region III was recognized by the ATI Central Office and was awarded as the "The Most Improved Center for 2015" for its performance among the 16 RTCs in the country. As the Center Director, among the priorities she set was to reach out to partners in the region.

She is an agriculturist, a research advocate, and a firm believer of Mahatma Gandhi's saying, "be the change you want to see in the world."