AI Center in Nueva Vizcaya now ready to serve

The Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute of Region 02 established an AI Center at GAC Farm, Santa Cruz, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya with Mr. Maxiamiano S. Tejero as the Cooperator.

Hog Raising is very common among the people of Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya as a source of additional income. But the low number of boars servicing the sows in the locality had become a hindrance in producing high quality piglets which opted swine raisers to buy from adjacent municipalities and incurring them greater costs. Now, this problem can be addressed by establishing an Artificial Insemination Center that will provide high quality semen and services to our hog raisers.

The AI sa Barangay is one of the National Backyard Poultry and Swine Development (“Commercialization” of the Small-hold Poultry and Swine Producers) Project of the Department of Agriculture. A provision of 2-Boar Artificial Insemination service in an area with estimated 200 sows to be served to produce 2,888 finishers in one year.

The objectives of this project are: (a) to provide high quality semen to our hog raiser at an affordable price which will lessen the production cost thereby gaining more profit, (b) produce high quality piglets and finishers, (c) lessen the occurrence of reproductive diseases which sometimes causing great loss to our hog raisers; and (d) provide sustainable food and income to all the hog raisers.

ATI-RTC 02 provided the cooperator with 2 junior boars (crossbreed of Pietrain and Duroc), AI equipment and consumables, laboratory equipment, feeds and refrigerator as start-up for the AI service.

GAC Artificial Insemination Center is now ready to cater the hog raisers of Bagabag and adjacent municipalities at a lower cost and they can avail the "free" semen.

The said activity was graced by staff from DA-RFO 2, ATI-RTC 02, Provincial Veterinary Office of Nueva Vizcaya, LGU Bagabag, Barangay Captains and Hog raisers.

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