Around 400 Farmers attend the Corn Derby cum Corn-Livestock Integration Summit

Ilagan City. Around 400 farmer-participants of the ongoing ATI-LGU farmers’ field schools on integrated crop management for corn in 14 municipalities of region 02 participated in the two-day corn derby cum corn-livestock integration summit.

Said farmer-participants were given the opportunity to ask queries on corn technologies and silage-making as well as interventions applied on showcased high yielding varieties.

In the corn derby and summit, different corn seed companies showcased their high yielding varieties. Technology and business forum was likewise conducted. Experts and farmer-entrepreneurs discussed corn derby: a revel of the optimum corn yield performance amidst climate crisis; talk show: on best practices of farmer-champions/entrepreneurs; the Region 02 and region 4A market partnership; Production and processing of corn silage; fall armyworm invasion: status in corn production areas in Region 02; corn silage as a profitable enterprise; and demonstration of hammer mill, feed mixer and pelletizing machine.

Dr. Robert Busania, Regional Technical Director for Operations of DA-RFO 02, in his message stressed that, the new paradigm of the DA Secretary William Dar is towards modernization, industrialization and infrastructure development. Farmers are encouraged to level up and engage in enterprising activities. He also informed the farmers that there are five conduit banks ready to help farmers. Farmers can avail loans of up to P150,000 payable for three years without interest.

“Convergence is the key to the success of programs,” added Dr. Busania. He urged all government agencies, private institutions and LGUs to converge efforts and work hand in hand for programs to succeed.

The corn derby and summit held August 27-28, 2019 at the Cagayan Valley Research Center (CVRC), San Felipe, Ilagan City aimed to promote high yielding corn varieties and corn product enterprise potentials.