Training on IEC Development on Climate Change produces Various Print Materials

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The participants preparing their IEC materials during the training.

CABAGAN, Isabela. It is an all-in-one package. The training on information, education and communication on climate change created awareness and equipped knowledge of extension workers on climate change and produced various pretested print materials.

The two batches of the said training conducted in March and June of this year, aimed at equipping the participants with knowledge, skills and attitude on information, education and communication as climate change advocacy.

As outputs, around 40 IEC materials were produced and pretested. The subject matter of the said IEC materials are technologies, practices and strategies of different commodities that are adaptable to climate change. Outputs will be finalized and final copies will be furnished to the different participating municipal local government units for reproduction and distribution to their clientele.

Said copies will also be reproduced for distribution on the third batch of training which will employ actual information campaign as part of the training methodologies.