4H Sensing Journey with IPs

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The 4H club federations officers doing village map during their training on sensing journey.

SAN MATEO, Isabela. Letting the 4H experience the life of the indigenous peoples (IPs), their culture and beliefs, their living conditions, resources, needs, among others. This is part of developing the skills of the selected 4H club federation officers in community management through a training on sensing journey.

The three-day training prepared the officers for their immersion to the Isneg IP community in Dy Abra, Tumauini, Isabela.

Among the speakers lined up to provide the participants with knowledge and skills in relation to their immersion, Ms. Flordeliza Piano of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples talked on culture and its relationship to education, the cultural identity, cultural misinformation and cultural sensitivity.

On the other hand, Dr. Claris Alaska and Ms. Arlene Ong of ATI-RTC 02 spoke on participatory rural appraisal (PRA) as a planning tool. They presented different PRA tools that can be used to determine the situation of the community, the available resources they have, in analyzing the problems of the community and identifying their needs. During the lecture, they experienced actual preparation of different maps, identify problems and solutions. “The tools are important to come up with an action plan or even development plan of the community,” Alaska said.

Dr. Corazon dela Cruz of St. Paul University talked about values and leadership skills.

“It is important to re-orient the youth on values as well as to give them tips to harness their leadership skills for them to be good leaders and models of their fellow youths,” Ms. Anna Liza Claveron, 4H Club Focal Person said.

The 13 participants will be having an immersion this July and participate in other phases of the training.

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