Enabling New Breed of AgriDOC in Region 02

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Dr. Marites Frogoso of ATI-RTC lecturing on farm business school

SAN MATEO Isabela. It is enabling the new breed of agricultural development officers of the community. This is the season-long experiential course with transformational leadership as its foundation.

In the training design, having an objective of demonstrating the qualities of a new breed of rice extensionists with a strong sense of mission to help transform farming communities toward competitiveness, sustainability, resiliency using practical, science-based technologies and locally appropriate market-oriented strategies among the participants, the five-month long training evolves on the six important modules. 1) Be transformed heightens understanding and appreciation of development and extension work using the transformational leadership framework and emphasizing the value of community transformation. 2)
AgRiCool cultivates their passion for and knowledge of agriculture and rice science of development. 3) AgRiSurvivors develop understanding and appreciation for the various types of farmers and extension intermediaries, and their coping mechanisms to survive in the rice industry/environment. 4) PalaYCheck and PalaYamanan v2.0 strengthens understanding of the principles of diversification, intensification, and integration in a rice-based farming system; of technology localization through the PalayCheck platform; of skills in field problem diagnosis and management; and of nature-inspired and high-tech/precision farming. 5) Rise with Rice promotes learning of entrepreneurship, and other critical knowledge, skills and competencies to catalyze development and extension efforts. 6) Be RICEponsible nurtures values essential to development work; supports on-site application of lessons learned including the development of a project proposal that promotes competitiveness, sustainability and resilience in rice.

Mr. Jhimcelle Salvador, the project officer said that as an output of the AgriDOC participants towards the end of the training, they are required to prepare project proposal on community extension project. The ATI will fund their proposed project for implementation in the respective municipalities of the participants to showcase and replicate the learnings they gained from the training.

The training took-off in May 28 and will last until October 2018 with 28 extension workers as participants who will soon be added to the pool of the new breed of AgriDOCs in Region 02.