ATI-RTC 02, BPI-NSQCS, PhilRice, converge for Hybrid Rice Training

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As hybrid rice trainers and technology promoters, staff of the Agricultural Training Institute – Regional Training Center 02 (ATI-RTC 02), Bureau of Plant Industry – National Seed Quality Control Services (BPI-NSQCS) and PhilRice came together for a training on hybrid rice. Considering the important role of these three agencies, the three-day training aimed to equip them with basic knowledge and skills on cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) and thermos-genetic male sterile (TGMS) hybrid rice seed production.

Dr. Fidel M. Ramos extensively discussed the establishment and management of hybrid rice seed production. He elaborated the TMGS and CMS and their uses in the development of three/two-line hybrids. He also presented the economics of hybrid rice seed growing.

The training was very useful since the three agencies have its vital role in promoting hybridization especially that region 02 made a significant mark in the history of hybrid rice in the country being one of the three regions to embrace the technology, according to PhilRice.

The said training is among the series of capability building and campaign activities of the three agencies in promoting hybrid rice technology.

It was conducted on February 26-28, 2019 at ATI-RTC 02, Malasin, San Mateo, Isabela.

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