ATI Transparency Seal

In compliance with Section 93 of the General Appropriations Act of FY 2012, the ATI displays this seal to enhance transparency and enforce accountability in its programs and services.

1. Agency Mandates
Directory of Officials

2. Annual Financial Reports

a. Budget and Financial Accountability Report (BFAR)

b. Disbursement and Income

ATI Report of Disbursements 2011-2013
ATI Statement of Income and Expenses 2011-2012
ATI Report of Income as of September 2013

3. DBM Approved Budget and Targets
FY 2017 Work and Financial Plan

4. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries and Status of Implementation

  • Hatid ng ATI na Dunong, Oportunidad at Gabay (HANDOG) Program, ongoing
  • Climate Resilient Agriculture Project On-going
  • Academic and Technology Integration Education Program On-going
  • Youth Empowerment through Sustainable (YES) Scholarship Program On-going
  • Organic Agriculture Assessment Center
  • 5. Annual Procurement Plan CY 2017

    6. System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals
    Guidelines on Ranking of DA-OSEC Delivery Units as Basis for Granting of PBB for FY 2016

    7. Quality Management System Certified by International Certifying Body or Agency Operations Manual
    PhilGEPS Posting
    Transparency Seal Provision of the General Appropriations Act of 2012
    ATI's Certificate of Recognition by Government Quality Management Committee
    ATI-RTC 02's ISO 9001:2008 Certificate issued by TUV SUD Asia Pacific
    Scope of ATI's ISO 9001:2008 Certificate