Thirty-nine training participants pass NC II for Rice Machinery Operation

Trainees wore their PPEs during the actual demonstration on Rice Machinery and Equipment.

LOS ANGELES, Butuan City - The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) recently capacitated a select of agricultural engineers and operators in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude on rice machinery operation. The training was held from July 23-27, 2018 at the ATI-RTC XIII (ATI-Caraga) training complex. The training specifically aimed to discuss the importance of appropriate operations and maintenance of agricultural machinery; identified different parts and functions of the machine use in rice machinery operation, perform and operate basic land preparation, crop management, harvesting, threshing, drying and milling machinery; perform and practice basic safety protocols; and expressed appreciation on the importance of farm mechanization and its significance to production.

The ATI partnered with the Philippines Rice Research Institute which served as demonstration and assessment area for the participants. All thirty-nine (39) participants passed the NC II for Rice Machinery Operation.

“I would like to thank ATI for giving us the chance to participate in this wonderful training. I would like to thank also my fellow participants for helping us learn more in the training. This training is highly relevant for us students of Agricultural Engineering since this our future field and chosen course. Again, thank you so much ATI for this training,” said Kryzyl L. Montana from the Caraga State University (CSU).