ATI-FFARMS: A Perfect Site for Learners

AEWs from the five provinces in Caraga region gather needed data on their assigned vegetable during AESA at the FFARMS on April 6, 2019.

LOS ANGELES, Butuan City- The Farm Family Approach on Resource Management for Sustainability (FFARMS) of the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center (ATI-RTC) 13 served as a learning avenue which showcased updated agricultural technologies to the farmers, Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs), students and other stakeholders in Region 13.

Farm tours and demonstrations accommodated in the FFARMS. It is one of the Learning Sites and eventually became a School for Practical Agriculture (SPA) certified in the region.

Recently, participants from the Ten-day Intensive Refresher Course on Vegetable Production which runs from April 2-11, 2019 conducted the Agro-Ecosystem Analysis (AESA) in the farm. It comprises 25 AEWs from the five provinces in the region. They were able to gather data such as the land area, name and type of vegetables, its classification and variety, date planted and other corresponding data that were included in the group presentation.

Participants also collected insects, pests and identified diseases found in vegetables. Classification of grasses and wedges along with its common and scientific names were performed by them during AESA.

The FFARMS are planted with high value crops such as banana, cacao, and various vegetables diversified with calamansi shrubs, fruit trees such as rambutan, mangosteen, lanzones and papaya. Grapes, herbs and spices, pineapple, rice, fishpond, poultry, and livestock production also integrated in the farm along with vermicomposting.

Moreover, farm activities such as planting, weeding, fertilizing and harvesting can be experienced at the farm. Grafting and marcotting of calamansi and cacao added more fun for the learners. The said farm offers tons of learning to visitors and learners, making it a perfect site for them.

Indeed, it’s more fun in FFARMS!

For the farm tour, you may reach out ATI-Caraga for possible arrangement.