LEARNING SITES (LS) and School for Practical Agriculture (SPA)

Caraga Agricultural Learning Sites Association (CALeSA) was established on June 9, 2016. It is a non-stock and non-profit association that aims to establish a good and strengthened network between and among accredited Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) within the Caraga region. This is also to undertake programs and projects to improve efficiency in the delivery of services of the LSA operation, to make available information to members and to expand their market reach as well as improve agricultural learning site operation.

Province of Dinagat Islands
1. Sogbohan Agri Training Institute (SATI), Inc. Farm, Dinagat - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-10-11
2. Catubig Techno Demo Farm, San Jose - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-31
3. Dela Merced Diversified Organic Farm/ UNLAD Surigao Foundation Inc., San Jose - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-10
4. Jimota Farm, Basilisa, - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-03
5. Superalis Farm, Basilisa, - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-27
6. Atipongan Farm, Basilisa - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-18
7. Mountain Fresh Farm, Basilisa - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-071

Province of Surigao del Sur
1. Alameda Farm, San Agustin - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-01
2. Callano Farm, Tagbina - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-04
3. Montañez Agri-Tourism Farm, Carrascal - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-30
4. NAKAMATA Native Chicken Learning and Production Farm, Tago - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-29
5. City Organic Agrifishery Center, Bislig City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-15
6. Dayo Farm/Learning Site for Organic Upland Rice Production-LINAKATAB Farm, Bislig City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-02
7. Mejares Fun Farm, Lianga - Cert. No.: LS-2018-02-001
8. M & N Patorgo Ventures, Inc., Marihatag - Cert. No.: LS-2018-02-003
9. Mariana’s Agri Tourism Farm, Hinatuan - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-073
10. EDFHER Farm, Barobo - Cert. No.: LS-2018-11-197
11. DOLENE Farm, Barobo - Cert. No.: LS-2018-11-198
12. San Pedro Country Farm Resort and Events Center Inc., Cantilan - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-02-007

Province of Surigao del Norte
1. JB Nature Farm, Surigao City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-12
2. LGU Tagana-an Farm, Tagana-an - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-28
3. Hillsbrook Farm, Socorro - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-07-08
4. LGU-Gigaquit Farm, Gigaquit - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-32

Province of Agusan del Sur
1. Orbino Farm, Veruela - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-09
2. 3K and RC Farm/ AMIGO Farm, Bayugan City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-14
3. HINIUSA Farm, Sta. Josefa - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-35
4. Gabuya Farm, Trento - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-20
5. Hygeia IntegraMeds Center, Prosperidad - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-24
6. Cuario Farm, San Francisco - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-25
7. Kensoy Farm, Talacogon - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-06-03
8. Happy Bee Farm, Esperanza - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-070
9. Perez Farm, Loreto - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-068
10. Hometown Agri-Botanical Integrated (HABI) Farm, Bayugan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-077
11. Jinayon's Duck Farm, Trento - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-131
12. Afdal Farm, San Francisco - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-131
13. VPO Rosario Agro-Industrial Development Corp., Rosario - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-133
14. Hillsview Farm, Trento - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-134
15. Jubilee Farm, La Paz - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-02-005
16. Pax Nature Farm, Esperanza - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-02-006
17. Del Monte/Lowland Rainfed Research, Talacogon - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-03-026

Province of Agusan del Norte
1. Farm Family Approach on Resource Management for Sustainability (FFARMS), Los Angeles, Butuan City
2. Garson Farm, Las Nieves - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-11
3. GML Agri-Ventures Nursery,Cabadbaran City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-05-01
4. MABAKAS Techno Demo Farm, Jabonga - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-07-07
5. Palarca Tourism Farm, Carmen - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-06
6. Silvercryst Agri-Tourist Farm, Carmen - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-26
7. LGU Buenavista Demo Farm, Buenavista - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-33
8. Madjos Farm, Antongalon, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2016-06-05
9. Calipayan Farm, Tungao, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-07-04
10. KM7 Farmers Producers Cooperative Farm, Tungao, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-07-05
11. Perdigon Farm, Sta. Cruz, Manila de Bugabus, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-CCN-2017-07-06
12. ZELS Dragon Fruit Orchard, P-8A, Bancasi, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-02-002
13. Ducks Beyond Boundaries, Cabadbaran City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-069
14. CountryFields Agri, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-072
15. Danuco Mango Farm, Nasipit - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-074
16. Kadumahan Farm, Tubay - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-075
17. Lasco Farm and Resort, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-076
18. Vertudes Agri Learning and Training Site, Buenavista - Cert. No.: LS-2018-07-078
19. Carmona Farm, Nasipit - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-135
20. Gawad Kalinga Butuan Enchanted Farm, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-136
21. Antonio's Farm, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-09-137
22. Philvics Farm, Cabadbaran City - Cert. No.: LS-2018-11-199
23. DAJ Diversified Organic Farm, Buenavista - Cert. No.: LS-2018-11-200
24. RNJ Farm, Las Nieves - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-02-008
25. Cubillas Agriventure Farm, Butuan City - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-03-027
26. Ragas Farm, Cabadbaran City - Cert. No.: LSA-2019-03-028