Intensifying ICT promotion thru logistical support (tablets) to AEWs

The 25 AgRiDOC particippants showing their tablets to be used for ICT promotion activities to farmers in Region XII.

As part of the logistical support of the ATI-RTC XII , 25 tablets were given to each of the AgRiDOC participants to help them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as change catalysts. These tablets will be utilized primarily in promoting the different ICT tools developed by the Department of Agriculture and its attached agencies and counterparts.

Also, since AgRiDOC is a rice-based season-long training, these tablets will be highly utilized on Rice Crop Manager (RCM) recommendation generation to help rice farmers in the fertilization management of their farms. It aims to help and be of great aid in the bid of the Department of Agriculture to attain rice self sufficiency by the year 2019.

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