Agri-Force from MSU-Gensan wins ATI 12 Agri Tala Dance Contest

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MSU Gensan Agri Students dance Sarah Geronimo's Tala, the agri way.

TANTANGAN, South Cotabato- A group of agri students from Mindanao State University-General Santos City calling themselves “Agri Force” showed their dancing skills online and captured the eyes of netizens as they took the ‘Tala’ challenge, the AGRI way.

Another milestone for Agricultural Training Institute was the celebration of its 33rd Foundation Anniversary across its network centers in the country last January 29, 2020. Each regional training center has their own unique way of celebrating it.

Aside from the usual activities being conducted by ATI-RTC XII every year, they came up with an initiative of stepping up the game and making an innovation.

Agri Tala Dance Contest was added to the activities of ATI-RTC XII this year.

Sarah Geronimo’s iconic ‘Tala’ has been gaining so much popularity lately and has turned into a national obsession. In fact, ‘Tala’ went viral online and became a dance craze for every Filipino.

The Agri Tala Dance challenge online is an initiative of the center to promote agriculture to the public through maximizing the use of internet and social media.

Meanwhile, a total of 2 groups has accepted the challenge and took part in the Agri Tala Dance Contest- the TNTT of Tantangan National Trade School and Agri Force of MSU-Gensan.

Team TNTT wowed the netizens with their distinctive dance steps such as planting and harvesting crops. While Agri Force, on their video, has exceptionally presented different spots inside their university while doing the ‘tala’ challenge. In fact, they danced the ‘tala’ with several cows as their background.

After the deliberation of selected ATI-RTC XII staffs, Team ‘Agri Force’ of MSU-Gensan has emerged as winner for the Agri Tala Dance Contest. Also, the People’s Choice Award was conferred to them after garnering the total likes and shares of 671 and 150, respectively.

“First of all we want to extend our gratitude for the opportunity ATI Region 12 gave us. We didn’t expect such joy and warm welcome from you. Admiration towards you had increased and we enjoyed your company even just for a while. The experience remained in our heart”, said Joshua P. Salce, Leader of Team Agri Force.

The winning team received a cash prize and tokens from ATI-RTC XII. While TNTT received a consolation prize.