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ATI-XII’s Start-up its Organic Agriculture Program

ATI-XII's consultative meeting/ workshop for OA focal person

TANTANGAN, South Cotabato. February 7, 2019. The Agricultural Training Institute XII (ATI-RTC XII) conducted a consultative meeting/ workshop on organic agriculture program for OA focal person on February 7 & 8, 2019 held at the ATI-XII’s new training hall in Tantangan. The invited attendees composed of 45 individuals coming from various cities and municipalities of the region.

Free Seminar on Innovative Farming through Hydroponics during ATI’s 32nd Anniversary

ATI anniversary, Hydroponics seminar, Christian Castañeda

TANTANGAN, South Cotabato – Learning should never stop. Man must strive to continue to learn at any age level. The Agricultural Training Institute XII’s (ATI XII) mandate is supportive to this adage since its philosophy is to equip stakeholders from all over the Region with knowledge that can be used to uplift their wellbeing and economic status.

Free-Range Chicken Radio Program Airs

ATI XII Staff from ISS and Livestock assist Lead Anchor.

KORONADAL CITY - The Agricultural Training Institute- XII successfully aired its first live episode of the Free-Range Chicken Radio Program last January 24, 2019 over DXOM, Koronadal City. It was simultaneously aired in three other radio stations: DXND for our North Cotabato Province listeners; DXCP for Sarangani Province, DXMS for Cotabato City area and Maguidnanao Province.

ATI XII on to a Good Start This 2019

Director Daya-an during one of Stress Management's Workshop

TANTANGAN, South Cotabato - As another year has closed so too the new one begins. At the onset of 2019, the management of the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center XII (ATI-RTC XII), gathered every staff for a 3-day staff meeting and Capability building geared to prepare them for the upcoming activities of the center for the current year.

AgRiDOC gives back to the Community Thru Farmers Field School on Rice Production

An excellent facilitation skills is important especially for Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs). Considering that in extension delivery, we often deal with adult learners, AEWs should be well aware of how to handle them efficiently. Consequently, AgRiDOCs launched four affiliated Farmers' Field School Sites in Rice Production last October 2, 2018.

AgRiDOC joins Training on Hybrid Rice Seed Production

To further enhance the knowledge of the AgRiDOC participants on Hybrid Rice Production and help in the hybridization program of the Department of Agriculture, the 25 AgRiDOCs attended the Training on Hybrid Rice Seed Production last September 24-28, 2018 at Venue88, General Santos City. Among the other participants are prospective hybrid rice seed growers from all over Region XII.

Intensifying ICT promotion thru logistical support (tablets) to AEWs

As part of the logistical support of the ATI-RTC XII , 25 tablets were given to each of the AgRiDOC participants to help them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as change catalysts. These tablets will be utilized primarily in promoting the different ICT tools developed by the Department of Agriculture and its attached agencies and counterparts.