ATI XI inaugurates 4H Learning Hub; “First among other ATI training centers nationwide”, said Taposok

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Agricultural Training Institute National Director Dr. Luz A. Taposok lauded ATI XI for the fast completion of its 4H Learning Hub, after announcing that the training center is the first to inaugurate among other ATI regional counterparts nationwide.

Taposok made this remarks during her speech on the inauguration program held on November 28, 2019, right after she and ATI XI Center Director Dante G. Esguerra officially opened to the public the 6 million worth infrastructure by leading the rite of ribbon cutting.

The ATI head, congratulated Esguerra and the rest of the management staff for the successful and timely construction of the new advance facility that will house 4H Club activities as well as become the headquarters of its regional officers.

The new infrastructure, Taposok said, will allow the 4H Club members in the region to undertake additional initiatives and programs that will convince more youth, not just out-of-school but also in-school, to join the agricultural movement to replenish the number of the old farmers in the country.

“From this time on, this building is for you, but not only for you alone. You need to invite other youngsters to join and share this facility and the experiences that you have right now.”, the lady prime mover said to encourage the members of 4H Club who were also present in the inauguration program.

Esguerra, on the other hand, said he was feeling delighted and excited for this another breakthrough of his career as Center Director of ATI XI.

With Esguerra's leadership, the Deed of Usufruct between Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office XI (DA-RFO XI) and ATI XI was sealed last year, a legal agreement that allows the ATI to occupy and develop the land owned by the latter for another 25 years.

The deed paved the way for the Center to renovate and construct new facilities to provide its clients with a comfortable and conducive environment for learning.

Last June 8, the Center inaugurated its newly renovated administrative and dormitory buildings.

Two more new infrastructures will rise in ATI XI as the ongoing construction of the common building for the Information Services Section (ISS) office, Library and Mess Hall is set to be completed in December, and construction of the Meat Processing Hub is set to start also on the mentioned month.