Gift Giving: A Yearly Tradition of ATI-RTC X

ATI-RTC X, POBLACION, EL SALVADOR CITY , December 17, 2018. – For almost three decades it is a tradition of ATI-RTC X to share some blessings to its neighbors during Christmas season. It is a practice and gesture of thanks giving that is always anticipated by the children and parents in the neighborhood. This time, 47 children from its neighboring houses received gifts of toys and goodies from ATI-RTC X. They were also treated with food and fun games, with their hosts from the ATI staff.

In her message and discussion with the children together with their mothers and Ates, OIC Center Director Maria Lydia A. Echavez explained the essence of celebrating the Christmas Season. That Christmas is for them to remember the birth of baby Jesus, our Saviour. She reminded the children that Christmas is not only for toys and money and caroling, or Santa Claus and gifts, but it is also their time to give back love and respect to their parents and elders. Ms Echavez also expressed her thanks for giving joy and happiness to the people of ATI through their songs and dances, and for the parents for bringing them to the Center.

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