Photo of Marcos Colanse
“Sometimes the person with the worst past ends up creating the best future.”

Marcos Colanse is a perfect embodiment of this saying. His life’s journey might have passed rough edges but after a painful polishing he found a gem. His future keeps looking brighter as time goes by.



She wiped her brows. She finished the remaining water in her plastic bottle. The water is warm but still, it rehydrated her body. The sun kissed the highest mountain in the west. She looked ahead. Still a lot of work to do. She’s been weeding her farm since the light brokeout. Her two-month old corn is promising. She looked up. Silently, she gave thanks to the Lord and prayed that the merchants will be good to the farmers come harvest time. She just advised her two children to go home earlier to prepare their supper.

Penny for her Thoughts

Hw 2 be u po?

This is a common millennial lingo which means that the one asking the question is idolizing the person he is addressing and would like to emulate him.

Who better to emulate but the Hon. Nemia Penita Buhian of Manticao, Misamis Oriental? Penny as she is fondly called seemed to have a Midas touch since everything she did, she succeeded.

Risk Taker

Young Filipino Farmers Embrace their Role in Agri-Development

In today’s technologically-driven society, millennials seem to be more inclined to seek jobs in the cityscape. However, a group of young farmers in our countryside are stepping up, hoping to create a revolution by going against the grain and aiming for the sustainable.

Part of this group is 21-year-old Rudy Concepcion II of Cauayan, Isabela. For him, agriculture is key to securing the future of the next generations, despite what other young people might perceive of it.


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